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Emerging Leaders

Are you looking to move to the next level in your career? We work with leaders on the rise to help them get to the next level in their career by fine tuning their communication skills to produce strong leaders who are easily able to navigate unexpected situations with ownership and confidence in their vocal presence. 


Individuals increase their confidence, leadership skills, and productivity.

Have you ever been in a situation where…

  • You were told you didn’t have the presence of a leader? 

  • You had a hard time taking control of a meeting? 

  • Your voice failed you? 

  • You left the room thinking “I could have done better”?

  • Your voice didn’t match the vibe of the meeting?

  • Your accent prevented you from getting your ideas across?


These are the things we solve for. 

Working with Peacock Voices, I gained skills to leverage my voice to improve the effectiveness and impact of my verbal communications in professional settings and grew in confidence and comfort speaking before small and large groups.

Laura Geringer, Creative & Experience Strategist and Founder, Cocreate Higher Education Consulting

Peacock Voices provided me with better insight into how my voice is perceived and how I can tailor to specific situations.  The voice training process has had a significant impact on the effectiveness of my communication!

Brett W, VP

Clients work with us for a myriad of reasons. Some include:
  • Trouble being heard
  • Nervous when presenting or speaking with a specific group of people
  • Being misunderstood
  • Inability to maintain audience engagement 
  • Lacking confidence in leadership skills 
  • No control over speaking voice
  • Too abrasive, too loud, too much
  • Boring or monotone 
  • Lacking charisma and presence
  • Always running out of breath
  • Feeling inauthentic when speaking

With the right skills and knowledge, your voice can communicate...​

  • Authority

  • Charisma

  • Compassion

  • Empathy

  • Confidence

  • Energy

  • Engagement 

  • Power

  • Trustworthiness

And be a tool to deliver…

  • Engaging presentations

  • Better leadership skills

  • Stronger and more efficient communications

  • A happier workplace environment

What does working with Peacock Voices look like?

We start by baselining where you are today and creating a roadmap toward where you want to go with your voice.

Image by Mark König

Then we create a customized coaching program to help you develop the skills and ability to control and shape your voice in any situation through:

  • Proven voice exercises

  • Assigned practice work between sessions

  • Guided application to real-world scenarios (think presentations)

  • Access to recorded sessions for reflection and continued learning

  • Supporting written materials