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Studies show that voice analysis predicts (with 70-80% accuracy) which pitch in startup contests will receive an investment. It can also indicate how high the investment will be.


The impact your voice has on investors is equally as influential to a board of directors, employees and clients. We work with executives to develop the skills necessary to maximize their vocal impact. As a result, they master their CEO presence through charismatic leadership that will help them in addressing their employees, work with their board and improve client relations. After working with us, executives have control over a powerful and commanding tool: their voice. This allows them to maximize their leadership potential. 


At Peacock Voices, executives receive a white glove experience that is customized to their specific needs.

I feel more in control of my position as a leader and have truly found my "voice" which includes sound, mannerisms, and demeanor. This shows up quietly, but effectively, every day.

Kevin M. Co-founder and Executive at VC-backed Insurtech Startup

This work is transformational. As a CEO and the face of my business, I recognize communication is vital. I wanted to communicate authoritatively yet still be approachable. What I got was SO much more. I started seeing results in the first few lessons. But the real transformation came in my self-knowledge, confidence and appreciation for my voice as an instrument.

Liz Rohr, CEO, Real World NP LLC

Executives work with us for a myriad of reasons. Some include:

  • Trouble being seen as the leader they are

  • Nervous when presenting or speaking with a specific group of people

  • A desire to be more compelling to investors and potential clients

  • Inability to maintain audience engagement 

  • Lacking confidence in leadership skills 

  • Lack of control control over speaking voice

  • Dislike their speaking voice

  • Boring or monotone 

  • Lacking charisma and presence

  • Always running out of breath

  • Feeling inauthentic when speaking

With the right skills and knowledge, your voice can communicate...​

  • Authority

  • Charisma

  • Compassion

  • Empathy

  • Confidence

  • Energy

  • Engagement 

  • Power

  • Trustworthiness

And be a tool to deliver…

  • Engaging presentations

  • Better leadership skills

  • Stronger and more efficient communications

  • A happier workplace environment

What does working with Peacock Voices look like?​

We start by baselining where you are today and creating a roadmap toward where you want to go with your voice.

A roadmap for mastering your voice

Then we create a customized coaching program to help you develop the skills and ability to control and shape your voice in any situation through:

  • Proven voice exercises

  • Assigned practice work between sessions

  • Guided application to real-world scenarios (think presentations)

  • Access to recorded sessions for reflection and continued learning

  • Supporting written materials

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