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Crafting Your Vocal Brand: Inside Peacock Voices' One-on-One Coaching

At the end of our workshops, and in response to our monthly newsletters, we’ve been asked what individual vocal coaching looks like. For many of our clients, voice work is a foreign subject and many of them wonder: how do we teach what it is that we do? We thought we’d take the time to walk you through what one-on-one vocal coaching looks like.

To begin, we like to assess what your day-to-day speaking voice is like. This allows us to have a baseline of your voice today - before we dive in. During this consultation, we discuss your goals and objectives. Do you feel like you’ve found an ideal authentic sound that you now want to bolster for presenting at large conferences or on panels? Are you hearing feedback that you come across as sounding shy or unassertive, and are striving to tap into a slightly more confident sound? Understanding what YOU want to get out of coaching time is key to setting us up for success.

Voice Coachings with us are virtual, so you can schedule around your busy work calendar

Then the work begins! We always start with breath, as breath is the foundation of sound. This is followed by exploring your resonance options through a variety of different exercises and games, all designed to help you stretch your vocal possibilities, gain control over your voice, and ultimately help you land on the resonance that will become the core of your vocal brand.

Together, we will make noises and think of your voice in ways you’ve not before. We will have fun and laugh throughout the process - allowing ourselves to let go and play, and find all sorts of unique sounds and colors that your voice can produce along the way.

These exercises, games, and sounds are all designed to help explore your resonance, how best to breathe, use nervous energy to support your voice through breath and air pressure, volume, and inflection - just to name a few. 

We will share research on how to use your voice more effectively in sales, leadership, and persuasive communications, and discuss how our voices can affect the culture we create at work, home, and more, all to help you meet your goals and become a master communicator and find your vocal brand.

Working with a voice coach can often feel silly - with noises and sounds you’ve not created before. Trust us, this ends up being a fun element as we collectively explore resonance and sound. Exercises and sounds that start out unfamiliar quickly become familiar to your voice and body the longer we work together. As we continue our work, you’ll be able to recognize and make real-time adjustments to your speech, depending on the room you’re in and the context in which you’re speaking.

All of these exercises and activities are designed to help you find and harness your authentic voice, gaining confidence in your sound and voice along the way!

Generally, clients work with us for somewhere between 6-10 sessions, depending on which program you enroll in. Most sessions are 45 minutes long, with some shorter sessions at the beginning of the process. You’ll receive video recordings of each session, so you can track and listen to your progress. Each week your coach will send an email with notes on the work completed and exercises to practice between sessions, and at the culmination of your course, you will receive a personalized book tailored to the work you did with your voice coach. 

Questions about coaching? Ready to get started? We’re always available - email us at for more information!


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