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Your Vocal Brand – What is it and why does it matter?

We’ve all been told that how we dress, shake hands, and make eye contact can have a huge impact on our success in interviews and business meetings. Few people, however, pay as much attention to their voice. Your voice is a critical and powerful element in helping to shape the impression you have on others. You can have a flawless resume and polished appearance, but that will be undermined if you don’t have a similar level of confidence and poise when you open your mouth to speak.

If you’d like your brand to be bold and energetic and to be known as a “people person,” but you struggle to project your voice and can’t be heard in a conference room or a Zoom call, your voice isn’t reflecting the brand that you want to show the world.

Or perhaps you’d like your personal brand to be efficient and articulate, but you tend to ramble through meetings, struggling to find the right words. This mismatch means you might not be setting yourself up for optimal success.

Your vocal brand is how people hear your identity in the world. Identifying your vocal brand is an integral part of defining your personal brand. Nailing your vocal brand can help you more confidently win that new client, land that promotion, and gain the confidence of your boss and your team.

Curious to hear more about how you start to develop your vocal brand? Our next post will highlight easy ways to start thinking about and finding YOUR vocal brand!


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