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1871 WMNtech Founders!

We're so glad you could join us at our recent workshop, The Sell: How to optimize your VOICE to win your next pitch.

Interested in continuing your vocal journey with Peacock Voices? You've got options!

15 minute micro session


In this 15 minute session, we will listen to your voice and ask about any vocal goals that you have. We'll then give feedback about your individual sound and provide steps to make any changes.

Pitch Virtuoso:

Optimizing Your Voice for Pitching


  • 5 individual coaching sessions, 45 minutes each

  • Bonus: Final 15 minute mock pitch with real time feedback

You've attended our workshop, but maybe that was the tip of the iceberg for you? You know your idea is great: you’ve got the perfect deck laying out all the ways you’ll run a successful business. Yet, each meeting with investors seems to come up empty, and despite organized and clear entries, your concept can’t seem to win a pitch competition. 

With time of the essence as you seek funding and think about scaling your organization, Peacock Voices is happy to offer an accelerated ‘vocal boot camp,’ for entrepreneurs like you!

Over the course of your 5 coaching sessions, we’ll cover the key attributes that affect funding decisions, and how you can leverage your voice to maximize funding potential. Every voice is different, so we take a personalized approach. We listen to your personal sound, and design exercises to practice and implement an authentic and exciting pitching sound. PLUS learn how to harness your nervous energy for an energized pitch.

In addition to the five 45-minute sessions with their vocal coach, clients will receive recordings of their coaching sessions, post-session practice work, as well as a final booklet that outlines the vocal attributes that will lead them to a successful pitch!

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