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Peacock Voices' Peacock

About Peacock Voices

We give people the skills, confidence, and control to find, use, and own their authentic voice.

We coach and train individuals and teams to utilize specific vocal techniques through exercises focused on sound and presentation.


We believe that the power of your authentic voice is something all humans have the right to be in full control over - not something that just happens to you. Our goal is to help every individual find ease and sustainability in speech, allowing for maximum flexibility and options in vocal choices. 

Founding Story

Peacock Voices Founder and CEO Margaret Izard has been a voice coach for over a decade working in both speech and singing. She is also an accomplished classical singer and has performed throughout the United States, Europe and Central America. 
Margaret’s journey working with the speaking voice began while coaching gender affirming speech with members of the transgender community. While doing this work, Margaret found that the most important work she did with each client was to help them find sounds that functioned in the workplace:


  • Which vocal attributes were most effective in meetings and presentations?

  • Which attributes allowed for employees to be really engaged and trusting?

  • What were the sounds of leadership?

  • How do you use your voice in a high pressure conversation to de-escalate a tough situation? 

While doing this work, she realized that all people — not just members of the transgender community — have a need to know and command their own voice. Many people think their voice is something that they can’t change: they’re born with it and that’s that. 

Peacock Voices was created to help people choose their authentic voice, and now our team strives to give clients the opportunity to be their most authentic selves through their voice and to maximize how they communicate in the workplace and in life. 

Why the Peacock?

We use the image of a “peacock” to demonstrate the variety of sounds available to every speaker. The body of the bird is your core sound — this is every day you, your vocal “fingerprint”. It is uniquely your sound. Every feather of the plumage represents additional options for sound making. For example, it is natural for people to sound very different when talking to a baby or a puppy versus a police officer or a colleague. Our goal is to facilitate your ability to identify and move freely between your different feathers, therefore giving you more control over the way your sounds influence your ability to communicate.  Allowing clients to explore and take ownership of their individual color choices aligns with our goal of exploring all vocal opportunities with our clients, and allowing for maximum flexibility in spoken communication. 


Peacock Voices is an inclusive space where people of all genders, races, and sexual identities are welcome and celebrated.

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