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Peacock Voices' Peacock

Groups and Teams

We work with small and large groups to build shared skills to improve communications across an entire team or company

Organizations improve their bottom line, increase productivity, and engage in better storytelling.

Whether a fully integrated part of your team training, a team retreat, or a special event, we provide customized programs for your team to gain skills, confidence, and control to find, use, and own their authentic voices.


We coach and train individuals and teams to utilize specific vocal techniques through proven exercises focused on sound and presentation to make them more efficient and effective communicators. 


This work results in improved communication, culture, and happiness across teams and companies.


Employees explore and control their authentic speaking voice

Employees are confident in their ability to manipulate their speaking voice to be as effective as possible in any given situation


Employees have increased confidence in presentations


Employees have increased confidence in their ability to communicate


Employees have the tools to maintain and improve their speaking and presentation skills


Employees have an understanding of vocal health and tools to help support their voice


Employees will have access to their authentic charismatic speaking voice


We build shared skills to improve communications across an entire team or company. 


To create a more positive work environment by improving communication


To increase productivity 


More effective storytelling



A hands-on exploration of the human voice


Proven exercises to give employees control over their voices and maximize their vocal possibilities


A clear outline of vocal characteristics, when to use them, and tools to utilize them to their maximum potential


A customizable workbook outlining all the work we do in sessions


Assignments to improve between sessions


The opportunity for one-on-one coaching sessions, group sessions, micro sessions or group presentations


Vocal health knowledge


A guide to Zoom skills


An understanding of how to use nerves as a tool for success

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