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Meet the Peacock Voices Team


Co-Founder and CEO

Margaret Izard Oskoui is an expert in vocal sound making who discovered her passion for helping people learn their voices over a decade ago. Margaret realized that facilitating people’s vocal journeys to find their voices and learn how to communicate was her true calling. 


After realizing this, Margaret decided to create Peacock Voices as a place for people to explore their body’s ability to make noises that properly align with the message they are trying to convey. So many of us go through life without ever learning how to use our voices, and it is her passion to rectify that, and to give as many people as possible the power of sound making. 


Margaret received her BA in Music from Emory University in Atlanta, GA and her MM in Voice from Roosevelt University. She apprenticed under vocal teacher and internationally renowned singer Alexandra Walker Lobianco and received training in transgender speech and communication from Liz Jackson Hearns at The Voice Lab in

Chicago, IL. 

Margaret Izard
Cassidy Smith


Co-Founder and COO

Cassidy Smith is a vocal instructor with a passion for helping others communicate effectively. Through her experience in music, education, and customer service, Cassidy has observed the impact vocal production and mindful sound making can have on any interaction. Cassidy believes in helping people discover their own sound and the myriad of ways they can use their speaking voice. Everyone has the capacity to harness the power of their voice, and she is enthusiastic about helping people discover their voices.


Cassidy received her BM from the University of Denver where she studied with Voice Pathologist Kate Emerich, and PD in Opera from Roosevelt University. 

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